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Being overweight can cut risk of dementia

Being overweight can cut your risk of dementia new research has suggested, which has raised questions about previous health advice given. The Research carried out in the UK notes that if you are...Read more

New way to treat dementia revealed using ‘brain pacemaker’

Scientists have found a new way to treat dementia through sending electrical impulses to specific areas of the brain to enhance the growth of new brain cells. Using deep brain stimulation –...Read more

Exposure to blue light could treat erectile dysfunction

Impotency in men could be treated with a blue light rather than a blue pill (sildenafil; Viagra), according to Swiss scientists, who are developing a new therapy. Biotechnologists from ETH Zürich...Read more

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Taking the lead: success and leadership in medicine

To be a leader, it is important to be perceived as successful. That of course begs the question: how can ‘success’ in medicine’ be defined? Unlike the...Read more

PSA – targeting the men at highest risk

PSA testing - as controversial as ever, with views ranging from ‘every man should know his PSA’ to ‘PSA is a terrible test and men should be strongly...Read more

NICE draft guidelines on referral for suspected cancer – two steps forward and another step back for bladder cancer

The updated NICE guidelines on referral for suspected cancer have recently been put out for consultation amongst stakeholders (1). Whilst there is no doubt...Read more

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RSM Winter Meeting, Zanzibar: urology in the developing world

Mark Speakman (President of BAUS) was in Zanzibar for the RSM Winter Meeting on 16-24 January 2015. In this short video, he discusses the healthcare system of the island,...Read more

Chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome

Jonathan Rees (GP with a special interest in urology) discusses a guideline produced by the Prostatitis Expert Reference Group (PERG), which provides a framework for initial...Read more

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Article: Relationship between surgical volume and patient outcomes
The authors discuss the inverse relationship between hospital volume of surgical procedures and rates of operative mortality, looking in particular at surgeons’ experience of performing radical prostatectomy….Read more

Report: EAU 2015 – bladder cancer
Selected highlights by Rik Bryan…Read more

Report: EAU 2015 – management of stones
Selected highlights by David Badenoch…Read more