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Adjunctive docetaxel improves prostate survival

New UK research has found that adding docetaxel chemotherapy to standard hormone therapy markedly improves survival for men with newly diagnosed...Read more

Prostate cancer survival doubles with radiotherapy implants

A new study has found that men with prostate cancer who were given permanent radiotherapy implants were twice as likely to be disease-free five...Read more

Obesity considerably raises prostate cancer risk in African-American men

A new study has suggested that obesity may be responsible for higher rates of prostate cancer observed among African-American men. Researchers...Read more

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NHS crisis: time to move away from ‘free at the point of use’?

The NHS crisis experienced last winter is not a one-off, but marks the beginning of an extended period when the NHS is likely to be chronically short of...Read more

Suicide or accidents – which is the biggest killer of our young men?

A key message that is commonly heard with regard to men’s health issues is that suicide is the biggest single killer of young men. Indeed, this was the strap...Read more

Men’s health: what are the odds?

Over the past 15 years I have often asked at the start of my lectures ‘What do you think are the main health risks facing men?' If the audience consists of...Read more

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A life in the fast lane: the inaugural John Fitzpatrick international prostate cancer conference

'There is a tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries' Julius Caesar...Read more

Manslaughter and preventable harm

No doctor goes into work intending to harm patients. However, in this world of increasingly complex and interdependent medicine, mistakes can, do and will continue to happen. The...Read more

EAU 2015 – Madrid highlights for NMIBC

As we have come to expect in the field of bladder cancer research, EAU Madrid did not present any revolutionary or paradigm-shifting data or papers; however, there were some very...Read more

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New Trends issue
Browse our latest issue (volume 6, issue 3, May/June 2015), with articles on NHS funding, headache in sport, nocturia and sleep apnoea, undescended testes, renal cell cancer, genomic markers in prostate cancer, and more…Read more

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NHS crisis: time to move away from ‘free at the point of use’
The UK’s tax-based expenditure approach is unlikely to deliver the funds needed to avoid a continuing decline in health standards in the coming years. Christopher Smallwood argues that the solution to the problem is to encourage a system of complementary insurance to supplement the state’s…Read more

Tribute to John Fitzpatrick
This video is a tribute to Professor John Fitzpatrick, urologist, who died on 14 May 2014…Read more