Men have a lower life expectancy than women, but are more reluctant to seek health care. Trends in Urology & Men’s Health focuses on supporting healthcare professionals to resolve this conundrum – to help men help themselves – by providing high-quality material from leading specialists on all aspects of men’s health, including cardiovascular, urological, diabetes, sexual and mental health problems. Sign up for e-alerts and print copies.
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Movember is a movement that began originally in Melbourne, Australia, in 2003. Since that time, it has spread to more than 20 other countries around...Read more

Many sexual partners linked with lower prostate cancer risk

An observational study from Canada has suggested that men who have 20 or more sexual partners may have a lower risk of developing prostate cancer...Read more

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Should doctors be sent to prison for clinical negligence?

In February 2010, consultant colorectal surgeon David Sellu operated on a patient with a perforated bowel, who subsequently died. The surgeon was found guilty of manslaughter by...Read more

When to do what in urology

The medical profession is increasingly becoming aware of the risks of ‘over-medicalisation’ – the excessive unnecessary investigation and treatment of patients, both in...Read more

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Management of incontinence

Mary Garthwaite (Consultant Urologist, James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough) describes her interests in the management of incontinence and...Read more

Incontinence in men

Daniela Andrich (Consultant Urologist, UCL Hospitals) discusses incontinence in men, which may arise as a side-effect of surgery for prostate cancer....Read more

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Men and alcohol: benefits and hazards
Take a look at this fascinating article by Jonathan Chick, published in the latest issue of Trends.

Alcohol is a clever molecule. It can act as catalyst in male bonding but as a solvent in many other relationships, being responsible for dissolving men’s partnerships, both personal and commercial. Business deals and marriages are toasted in alcohol, but ethanol conspires in many ruptures….Read more