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Back down under

Three years ago I attended the International Society on Priorities in Healthcare conference in Melbourne Australia. Here is the blog I wrote then
I am now back in Australia having just attended the 10th Health Services and Policy Research Conference at Surfers Paradise on the Gold …

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Namibia and cancer journeys

I am writing this blog in the back of a hired Ford Ranger at 5.25am on the 7th October 2017 on the road to Skilpadshek on the Botswana, South African Border. This is the last day of our holiday before flying back to London tomorrow. …

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Burnout, resilience and culture change

There seems little doubt that ‘burnout’ is currently afflicting many clinicians, who feel undervalued by a government that has restricted pay increases to 1% for the past 5 years, and overstretched as they struggle to cover rota gaps and deal with ever-increasing patient demand. The …

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Can You Become Addicted to Exercise?

Have you ever noticed an avid exerciser at your local gym — someone who is always running on the treadmill for long lengths of time or hovering around the weight room well after others have showered and called it a day. Perhaps you’ve even felt …

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High Court rules on withdrawing life support treatment

Doctors and relatives of patients with debilitating illnesses will no longer have to get court permission before withdrawing life support treatment, a high court judge has ruled. It means that if relatives and doctors agree and all medical guidelines are being observed, they will no …

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Social media by health professionals

At a recent meeting at the Royal Society of Medicine about the response of the emergency services to the London and Manchester terror attacks, many of the clinicians praised social media as a means of communicating with each other in times of crisis. The NHS, …

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Number of reported “never events” is “disturbingly high”

The number of ‘never events’ being reported by the NHS is increasing. Patients falling out of windows and equipment being left inside wounds after surgery were some of a near record number of ‘never events’ recorded last year.
Life-threatening medical mistakes are ‘disturbingly high’ – with …

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Why are 30% of speciality training posts unfilled this year?

The number of unfilled vacancies in speciality training after the first round of recruitment increased by 30% this year, data from Health Education England shows.
In 2017, 908 of the 7487 training posts available were left unfilled after the first round of recruitment to first year …

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Who should take the lead when managing metastatic prostate cancer?

The treatment landscape for men with metastatic prostate cancer is continuously evolving. Therapeutic options are no longer limited to surgical/medical castration, followed by additional hormone-based therapies with no proven survival benefit. A host of treatments are now available, ranging from cytotoxics, through novel androgen-axis targeted …

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Should we all be cutting back on red meat?

Evidence is accumulating that a high intake of both processed and unprocessed red meat is associated with higher mortality from cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer, as well as hepatic, renal and respiratory disease. Although our closest primate relatives, such as gorillas and chimpanzees, are primarily …

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