Medical charity fundraisers and exercise during COVID-19

The COVID-19 global pandemic has had a huge impact on financial stability to many households. Charity, it is said, begins at home, but doesn’t end there as there are many less fortunate than ourselves. This is particularly true during this uncertain time of COVID-19 with …

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One for all – and all for one

So far, one positive element experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic has been the increased collaboration between colleagues from different disciplines; often driven by the obligatory new ways of working. For example, what some specialties find obvious from near-daily experience, such as ventilating patients in theatre …

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Dexamethasone potential in treating COVID-19 patients

Dexamethasone has been reported to reduce deaths by up to a third in hospitalised patients with severe respiratory complications of COVID-19. The study is named the RECOVERY Trial (University of Oxford) and the results were made public ahead of the publication of the full paper.
Dexamethasone …

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Waiting lists: a mountain to climb!

A dramatic drop in the number of urgent cancer referrals, coupled with soaring waiting times for treatment due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, seems likely to put an already stretched NHS under massive pressure over the coming months and into the winter.
Fears over contracting the …

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COVID-19: the age of the cyclist

The World Health Organisation has advised walking or riding bicycles as a method of transport whenever feasible to allow physical distancing and to help individuals meet minimum requirements for daily physical activity. Cyclists around the world have been enjoying traffic and pollution-free roads provided by lockdown …

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Do YOU have any ICU experience? Deployment of staff across the NHS

Sophie Rintoul-Hoad is an ST6 Urology Trainee at St Georges Hospital; Olayinka Gbolahan is an ST4 Urology Trainee at Northwick Park Hospital – both were redeployed to work in Intensive Care in April, neither had prior critical care experience.

A patient recovers from COVID-19 and is …

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COVID-19: part two, the economic impact of lockdown

If you are under the illusion that the plaudits being heaped on the NHS and its staff by our political leaders will swiftly translate into billions of pounds for the public health sector after the current COVID-19 crisis, then think again. In the past month …

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COVID-19 priority research: a call to action

An understanding is growing that although the ongoing COVID-19 shutdown is vital to contain the coronavirus, putting society into a suspended animation is only a stop-gap measure. Any effective and sustainable exit plan relies on various research strands coming to fruition with all possible speed. …

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Medical charities take a COVID-19 hit

Cancer Research UK has announced its intention to cut funding grants as a result of the uncertainty caused by the current coronavirus situation. In the statement the charity mentioned that they are anticipating a drop of 20-25 percent in funding income, which is a deficit …

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COVID-19: the economic impact of lockdown

Historian Sir Max Hastings, in The Times last week (March 24th), posed the question at its starkest. Should the government, through its ‘lockdown’ policy, risk such severe long-term damage to the economy, and especially to the future prosperity of today’s young people, merely to preserve …

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