To screen or not to screen?

A recent article in the BMJ by Prasad et al stated that screening has never been shown to ‘save lives’. Their argument was based on the observation that most screening trials are set up to evaluate the impact of the screening intervention on cause-specific mortality, …

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Operating from a wheelchair

I have known Ans Khan as a friend and colleague for over 20 years. He has only recently agreed to tell his story as he has always wanted to ‘normalise’ his life. His article ‘Operating from a wheelchair‘, published in the March/April 2016 issue of Trends …

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Reflections on the RSM Innovation in Urology meeting

Innovation, regulation, excitement, even inspiration! New ideas, how to protect and develop them, and a revolutionary proposal to give them away free!! All these proposals were on show recently at the Innovation in Urology day at the RSM in London.
Sponsored by the RSM Section of Urology …

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Should urologists take more interest in cholesterol and lipid profiles?

Studies have shown that there is an increased risk of death in men who are suffering from prostate cancer and that cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the second most common cause of death in this population, after the cancer itself. Additionally, men with prostate cancer who have …

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An unfortunate imposition

In November 2015 I posted a blog asking ‘Should junior doctors strike?‘ Since then the negotiations have been widely reported. The recent decision by Jeremy Hunt to impose a new contract on junior doctors may bring seven-day working a step closer, but at what could be …

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When to discharge after low-risk bladder cancer?

In February 2015 NICE updated its guidance on bladder cancer. It’s a long document with a robust methodology behind it. Most of what was in the guidance would be considered to be standard practice and there were no surprises, apart from the management of ‘low-risk …

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Treatment regime is complete

Today is Sunday 23 January 2016, which means that my two-month treatment programme is finished. Following initial surgery I had two bouts of chemotherapy on the first week and the fourth week (Monday 28 December official Boxing Day) and radiotherapy every week day and occasional Saturdays and Sundays …

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Time for gender-neutral HPV vaccination

The vaccination of boys as well as girls against human papillomavirus (HPV) in order to prevent a wide range of diseases in both sexes has become one of the most widely supported public health interventions not to have been implemented in the UK.
This topic is …

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Stress and burnout in general practice

It is not meant to be a competition, but if one is trying to consider the most demoralised, stressed and vulnerable workforce in medicine, general practice has to be a clear winner.
The profession is in a state of chaos and collapse and has been demolished …

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Stress and burnout – why are urologists so stressed?

This week the Independent newspaper reported that urology was the number one most stressed occupation. This initially seemed surprising to me and many other urological colleagues and surgeons of other specialties. Surely those who practise trauma surgery and vascular or transplantation must be more stressed than …

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