Apologising after a medical or surgical mishap

No doctor goes into work in the morning intending to harm a patient; however, medical errors do and always will occur, occasionally with devastating consequences.
Statutory duties of candour now require clinicians to provide a factual explanation and apologise after a notifiable incident. Following the well-publicised …

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Complex PTSD: my own experience of treatment

In 2008, I joined the Royal Marines with the intention to fulfil a 22-year career. Unfortunately, after 11 years of service I was medically discharged after being diagnosed with complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
During my career in the armed forces I conducted four tours of …

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Recreational drug use: not a victimless crime

The problems of knife crime, often associated with drug gangs, have been highlighted by a blog in this journal prompted by a conference at the Royal Society of Medicine.
According to recent media reports, there is an increasing group of people who use drugs intermittently and …

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Suicide in doctors

Doctors have a higher rate of suicide than the general population.1,2 For male doctors, it is a little higher than an aged matched cohort, but for female doctors it is between two and five times the rate in the general population, meaning that doctors are …

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Is the NHS institutionally racist?

The explanation for the disproportionate number of black and minority ethnic (BAME) doctors being referred to the General Medical Council (GMC) for fitness to practise concerns may be the result of poor induction, inadequate support, and unhelpful feedback, according to a recent GMC report.
Between 2012 …

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Finding solutions to the developing NHS workforce crisis

The NHS is currently facing a workforce crisis. One in 12 posts (8%) are now vacant around England. This is partly a reflection of a growing global shortage of healthcare workers, but has its own particular causes: failure to train and retain enough home grown …

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TUF cycle ride: Costa Rica

The Urology Foundation (TUF) is planning a cycle challenge across Costa Rica from the 16th – 27th November. Take a look at this video, which has images from the previous seven rides in Sicily, Malawi, Madagascar, Patagonia, South Africa, Rajasthan and most recently Vietnam/Cambodia. Do …

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Men’s Health Week: who self-cares wins

Men’s Health Week starts on 10 June and is 25 years old this year. It began in the USA in 1994 following a Senate Joint Resolution to establish the Week by Senator Bob Dole. The Week was linked to Father’s Day in the USA (the …

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Tackling toxic air and climate change

The risk to non-smokers of developing lung cancer is rising significantly: in the UK 6000 people each year now die of lung cancer despite having never smoked, or having smoked a negligible number of cigarettes. This is thought to be as a result of increasing …

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What do patients really think of the NHS and its staff?

What do patients really think of the NHS and its staff? That was the question NHS England wanted to know the answer to when requesting Paul Baker and Gavin Brookes to make sense of comments that patients leave online. This was no small task – …

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