How will a ‘no deal’ Brexit affect the NHS?

At a recent meeting of UK urologists I asked for a show of hands of those who had voted to remain in the European Union – around 90% of the sizeable audience indicated that they had. They, like me, seemed appalled that David Cameron had …

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The transatlantic row has started!

Right now four men are rowing across an ocean for urology
Four men from Cornwall are currently taking on the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge to raise donations for The Urology Foundation and you can help.
Jon, Bez, Andy, and Alex are the Atlantic Seamen. They are four …

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Hike for Hope VI: Ethiopia

In the last week of November, 14 intrepid individuals, including Sir Marcus Setchell and myself, travelled to Addis Ababa and then on to Gondar to trek for 100 miles through the Simien Mountains and to climb Ethiopia’s highest peak in order to raise much needed …

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The necessity of adequate training in robotic surgery

We have been concerned this week by a high profile report in the news of a patient who died during a robotic mitral valve procedure in Newcastle in 2015.
Clearly our thoughts are with the patient’s family and friends, who have lost a man who the …

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Mesh hernia repair: more complications than with open surgery?

One in 10 people will develop a hernia. The most common treatment involves a mesh repair. Victoria Derbyshire reported recently on the BBC that there have been between 90,000 and 100,000 hernia mesh operations in England each year since 2011-12, and that some surgeons believe …

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Striking in the NHS: are there lasting consequences?

As a medical student during the junior doctor strikes I was submerged in an attitude of anger, frustration and disappointment for much of my training. I worry that such an atmosphere, present as such a pivotal time in a young person’s education, will result in …

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Managing trans people within a health service

It is unlikely that any healthcare professional working today has not consulted with a trans person. Referral rates to gender identity clinics have been doubling every five years since the late 1960’s, and services are struggling to manage this increasing demand which has probably been …

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Surge in prostate cancer referrals following Stephen Fry’s diagnosis

Matthew Swindells, deputy chief executive of NHS England, recently commented on the increase in awareness of prostate cancer following Stephen Fry’s announcement of his own diagnosis at the beginning of 2018:
‘We have seen increases in referrals into a number of the cancer specialties, particularly urology, …

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Bowel injury following surgery on the prostate

On 3rd September the BBC1 and national newspapers published the sobering story of Andrew Lane, a 63 year old man who reportedly suffered serious complications from an operation to remove his prostate in 2013. In the post-operative period he had developed necrotising faciitis following an …

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Bawa-Garba and beyond: hope or despair?

In 2015 Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba was found guilty of gross negligence manslaughter after mistakenly misdiagnosing sepsis as gastroenteritis in 6-year-old Jack Adcock, who subsequently died in 2011 at Leicester Royal Infirmary.
In light of the evidence against her, Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba initially received a 24-month suspended …

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