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The exodus of NHS consultants due to the tapered pension allowance

The NHS is currently facing a staffing crisis resulting in increasing rota gaps and a severe loss of workforce morale. The recent squeeze on tax breaks for consultants saving for their retirement is producing extremely bad outcomes for wider society in general, and the NHS …

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RCP members drop 13-year opposition to assisted dying

Following a poll of its members, the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) has now adopted a neutral stance on the issue of assisted dying.
Some groups have spoken out against the change, saying a respected medical body’s reputation has been damaged. Others called the decision ‘absurd’.
Under …

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Standing to attention!

Do you think that Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, could be described as out-of-touch and divisive for claiming parts of the NHS still require nurses to stand up when doctors walk in the room?
Speaking at the Chief Nursing Officer Summit recently, Matt Hancock claimed that it …

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Running the Marathon Des Sables for The Urology Foundation

I was languishing in Baghdad last September, having completed my final run in the sun because I hoped not to have to return there for some time. I have subjected myself to running in 50-degree heat because, in a fit of madness and cabin fever …

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Sexual harassment among female surgeons

A recent survey in America has revealed worrying levels of sexual harassment of female surgeons. A total of 1,005 individuals completed the survey. Of these 744 (74%) were women. Of the respondents, 51% worked at an academic institution, 13% at community medical centres, 15% in …

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Whistleblowing in the NHS

Over the past several years the Department of Health has placed great emphasis on patient safety. Unfortunately the name and shame approach of investigation, suspension, litigation and even prosecution is unlikely to make patient care safer – rather it will promote secrecy and defensive medicine.
In …

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The Atlantic Seamen have completed their epic row across the Atlantic

On 24 January 2019, the Atlantic Seamen arrived in Antigua after an epic 46 days, 4 hours, and 8 minutes of non-stop rowing. Their journey had taken them right across the Atlantic Ocean as they took part in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge to raise …

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Twitter chat: Thinking About Sex Day

Thinking About Sex Day takes place every 14 February. It’s an opportunity to talk about all things sex and this year The Urology Foundation are taking part in a live Twitter Chat that will look at erectile dysfunction (ED).
• More than 50% of men over …

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Reducing burnout amongst clinicians

Tragically, every three weeks a doctor in the UK commits suicide.  Many more opt either to leave the profession altogether during their training, or to take early retirement. Things seem to be deteriorating rather than improving, and this begs the question: what can we do …

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Laser hair removal in surgery

Lasers have been used since the mid-1990s for hair depilation to permanently reduce the number and thickness of hairs using a series of simple outpatient treatments. The first lasers had limitations as to which skin types could be safely treated, but newer systems can treat …

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