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‘Woodstock of the mind’ – NHS and healthcare at the 2018 Hay Festival

Wales has featured significantly in the milestones of my cancer journey. It was while supporting them in the 2015 Rugby World Cup that my diagnosis was made (see earlier blog), and it was the first port of call for my period of convalescence post treatment (click here).
Nearly …

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PAE: a new option for men with enlarged prostate

NICE heralds the approval of prostate artery embolism (PAE) as a safe and efficacious option for men with lower urinary tract symptoms symptoms secondary to benign prostatic hyperplasia ( 
Nigel Hacking, who led the NICE, BAUS and BSIR sponsored ROPE study, welcomes this new guidance and thanks …

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Is more money alone the answer for the NHS?

Rumours abound that more money is to be found to coincide with the 70th Anniversary of the NHS in July. 
However, with the needs and expectations of an aging population rising, it seems germane to ask the question: is the solution simply to provide more money, …

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Bullying – not a disease to watch and wait

Bullying is often first encountered in the playground – whether as a victim, perpetrator, or pupil being taught to treat others with respect and consideration. How then, when we advance from school to higher education, passing examinations, learning complex anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and researching their …

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Healthcare: ripe for disruption

Consumers are now beginning to expect their doctors to offer the same convenience and personalisation as online shoppers with Amazon. The way we live our lives has undergone massive transformation over the past decade, with significant changes in social norms and consumer behaviour. Ten years …

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Lower back pain: advances, yes but problem solved, no

As I sit gazing at the snowflakes fluttering down onto the contours of the Swiss Alps, my mild lower backache, as a consequence of a week’s hard skiing, reminds me of the severe lower back pain from which I suffered through my latter years of …

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Five Previous Hikes for Hope, and now a Sixth in Ethiopia!

More than a decade ago Marcus Setchell (now Sir Marcus) came up with the idea of us linking up for a ‘Hike for Hope’ in order to raise funds for both gynaecological and urological charities. Marcus and I met up with Ann Frampton, from Action …

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People need to be asked what the NHS should provide

The call for a public debate about what the NHS should provide (and what it should not) in order to create a high quality and sustainable health service for the 21st century has come from many quarters. This includes the Chair of NHS England, …

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Whither circumcision?

It seems certain that the Government of Iceland is shortly to outlaw non-therapeutic child circumcision, and that other Scandanavian countries are likely to follow suit. The BMA is considering its position on the matter, with regard to its advice on female genital mutilation. A British …

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HPV vaccination for men who have sex with men – too little too late?

The Department of Health and Social Care will this year start rolling out a national HPV vaccination programme aimed at men who have sex with men (MSM). This will bring England into line with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, which already have national programmes for …

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