Join the TUF Trek to Machu Picchu: 18th–27th September, 2020

To celebrate its 25th Anniversary, The Urology Foundation (TUF) is undertaking a fundraising trek to Machu Picchu in Peru. The Ancascocha Trek (often called the ‘Super Inca Trail’ or the ‘Hidden Inca Trail’), is a challenging trail, and a less travelled but more rewarding path than the more well-trodden Inca trail. The trek involves camping and takes roughly five days and includes passing through traditional villages like Chillipahua, and its namesake Ancascocha, at 12 795 feet. Along the way, it traverses high passes, including a high point of roughly 16 000 feet on Inca Chiriaska, and takes in spectacular views of the towering 20 551-foot Salcantay.

We are hoping to raise as much as £150 000 for TUF. All costs for this challenge are covered by the trekkers themselves, so all donations go to The Urology Foundation.

The Urology Foundation, or TUF, is a truly fantastic charity. Over the years it has worked tirelessly to ensure that patients affected by cancers of the kidneys, bladder and prostate, as well as troublesome conditions such as incontinence and kidney stones, are given the attention they need and deserve. TUF’s mission is to achieve excellence in urology through research, innovation and training.

Thanks to TUF, researchers across the UK are finding new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat these disease problems. TUF enables urologists and urology nurses to access specialist training to improve their skills and effectiveness so that they can give the best care and treatment to the people who need it the most – our patients.

Over the last few years we have seen an increase in the number of urology patients undergoing robotic and laser surgery for prostate and kidney cancer, the introduction of Botox to treat overactive bladder, and much of this is due to the work of TUF.

In the future, TUF is determined to extend its remit and fund areas of innovation, training and research into urinary tract infections, assessment of new surgical techniques, simulation in training and quality of life in patients with urological problems.

If you wish to join us on this ‘once in a lifetime trek’ please click here. Alternatively, you can sponsor us via this link

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  1. Roger Kirby Professor of Urology

    I’ve signed up! Only 275 days to go! I better start training!

    December 17, 2019 Reply
    • George Paxton Retired

      Sounds like a very tempting and fantastic challenge! Do you think I’ll also be able to do it! Especially with no “watering holes” along the route!

      December 18, 2019 Reply
  2. Roland Morley Uologist

    Chance of a lifetime to see the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu on an magical trek through a route not used by tourists with great company !

    Sign up straight away and get training!

    December 17, 2019 Reply
  3. Paul Harvey Group Business Development Director

    I did a TUF challlenge for the first time this year. These are amazingly well organised events where you are pushed to your limits in a very safe environment. There is an expert group guide who provides real leadership to the event. For our challenge this guide was supported by a local team who helped make the journey challenging but always made safety a top priority. Medical doctors who were not Urologists were part of the challenge team and were rapidly available. In terms meals and activities around the challenge, I never thought hanging around a group of Urologists was going to be so much fun. We had participation from all over country and even had 3 particpants from the USA. We made friends for life and I can’t wait for our reunion. I think in fairness I was probably not the most fit participant but I came back in the best shape of my life. Raising money for a cause was so much more meaningful when you are pushed to your limits. It has real meaning. I will forever remember reaching the summit. I highly recommend taking this TUF challenge.

    December 17, 2019 Reply
  4. Martin Hughes Dr

    Come on guys. We wealthy Doctors don’t need another jolly overseas.The rich world needs to show restraint and set an example by curbing our carbon emissions. The average Brit emits as much carbon in 2 weeks as many Africans do in a year (global carbon Whilst aviation is only 3-4% of global CO2 it is a fast rising and difficult to mitigate sector. Potentially aviation emissions may triple by 2050. Furthermore CO2 pollution is not equitably spread. The world average is 98kg per capita, UK is 5th worst polluter over 800kg per capita. ( Access and culpability is not evenly spread. 15% of people take 70% flights (public experiences of and attitudes towards air travel: 2014, ww.govuk). So before you book, total up your historical emissions, analyse your current lifestyle and compute. Do I really need this trip?

    January 24, 2020 Reply

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