Men not clued up on urological health

Millions of men are neglecting their health and do not understand their bodies according to polling conducted by The Urology Foundation.

The poll reveals that knowledge of men’s health is dangerously low amongst British adults. Urological diseases such as testicular cancer and prostate cancer are not well understood and men are not looking out for the signs and symptoms.

The survey found that two thirds of men do not know what the prostate does and half have not checked their testicles for lumps in the last year. Knowledge around testing for prostate cancer and the ages when men are most likely to get prostate and testicular cancer was also poor.

Mr Ben Eddy, prostate cancer surgeon at Kent and Canterbury Hospital, says: ‘These results are a concern for all of us. If two thirds of Britons do not know what a prostate does, how could they know that blood in semen or blood in pee are symptoms of prostate cancer? When men do not understand what is and is not normal with their bodies they are putting themselves at risk.

‘As a prostate surgeon I want to give men the best chance of healthy lives, but I am best able to do that when we can catch a cancer early. If men learn about their bodies we can begin to end the impact urology diseases such as prostate and testicular cancer have on families.’

Louise de Winter, chief executive of The Urology Foundation, says: ‘We are publicising these results because we want to drive a message home to men: your health is in your hands. September is Urology Awareness Month and we are using this campaign to provide men with the tools they need to learn about their health. It is only by taking ownership of their bodies that men can beat prostate and testicular cancer.’

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