One in ten men have old hearts

One in ten men over 50 have a heart age 10 years older than their actual age, heightening their risk of a fatal heart attack or stroke, according to a study from Public Health England (PHE). The figure comes from an analysis of responses from 1.2 million people to its Heart Age Test.

According to PHE the Heart Age Test is the only way of measuring ‘heart age’, which shows how many years people can expect to live healthily without a heart attack or stroke. The higher the heart age, the higher the risk.

The Heart Age Test is an online assessment for anyone over 30 years of age which allows a person to input basic physical and lifestyle-related information, and provides an immediate estimation of their heart age (

To help people find out their risk and get an immediate idea of their heart health, PHE is encouraging adults to take three minutes out of their day to take the Heart Age Test. A new version of the test forms part of PHE’s One You campaign, which supports adults in making simple changes towards a longer, happier life. People who take the test will be referred to apps, advice and resources to help them eat and drink better, get active, and quit smoking to improve their heart health.

 Associate Professor Jamie Waterall, Lead for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention at the PHE, says: ‘We should all aim for our heart age to be the same as our real age – addressing our risk of heart disease and stroke should not be left until we are older. The Heart Age Test is really important as it gives an immediate idea of heart attack and stroke risk, with no doctor’s appointment needed.’

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