Prostate cancer most commonly diagnosed cancer 

Prostate cancer has become the UK’s most commonly diagnosed cancer for the first time, according to Prostate Cancer UK (PCUK).

Prostate cancer has overtaken breast, lung and bowel cancer to become the most commonly diagnosed overall with 57 192 diagnoses according to latest annual figures. Prostate cancer diagnoses have more than doubled over the last 20 years alone. There are now around 400 000 men in the UK living with or having had the disease. 

PCUK says this news comes 10 years earlier than previously predicted largely due to increased awareness of the disease in recent years.  

On a positive note, a higher percentage of cancers are being caught at the locally advanced stage, when the disease is far more treatable, showing that increased referrals have the potential to save many more lives, the charity says.

Angela Culhane, Chief Executive at PCUK says: ‘While it is good news that more men are being diagnosed earlier, the COVID-19 crisis could cause many cancers to be missed, as the pandemic continues to reduce the number of referrals for suspected prostate cancer. We fear that the COVID-19 pandemic will have knock-on effects on diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer for some time to come.’ 

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