Men’s Health Conference

The reduced life expectancy of men compared with women is an issue of some considerable importance. Not only do men die earlier on average than women, there is also a preponderance among men of premature death, with profound resultant economic implications for the whole family.

A one day meeting on the subject of “Men’s Health” was held at the Royal Society of Medicine on Thursday 1st June, which brought together a top faculty of urologists, cardiologists, oncologists and a senior rheumatologist – Dr Huw Beynon, from the Royal Free Hospital, to discuss these issues.

The urological issues affecting men’s health that were covered included prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction and testosterone deficiency. The role and value of multiparametric MRI of the prostate to target abnormal areas (see image above showing a tumour in the right peripheral zone of the prostate) as well as PMSA PET CT scanning and robotic surgical equipment was considered by Ben Challacombe, as well as the efficacy and safety of testosterone replacement by Suks Minhas. Professor Mike Kirby reviewed the data suggesting that erectile dysfunction may by a premonitory symptom of cardiovascular disease because it is often the first manifestation of more widespread endothelial disease.

To watch the video interview of Suks Minhas click here.
To watch the video interview of Mike Kirby click here

The excellent cardiology session covered reduction of cardiovascular risk, treatment of angina and acute myocardial infarction, and new methods of imaging to diagnose myocardial ischaemia. Professor John Deanfield discussed the value of “heart age” in the assessment of cardiovascular risk. Cliff Bucknall provided a masterful review of currently available angiographic interventions for acute myocardial ischaemia. Dr Riyaz Patel reviewed the role of CT calcium scoring, CT angiography and dynamic MRI scanning to detect cardiac ischaemia, and gave us a glimpse of future prospects.

To watch the video interview of John Deanfield click here
To watch the video interview of Cliff Bucknall click here

In the afternoon session the screening, diagnosis and management of colorectal cancer was discussed by Professor Sina Dorudi, followed by an excellent review of hepato-biliary cancer by Charles Imber. Haemato-oncology and anaemia was covered by Professor Tony Goldstone. Dr Huw Beynon then gave a very educational overview of the diagnosis and management of osteoarthritis of various joints, as well as the management of gout. Finally Professor Sam Janes from UCL talked about the use of CT scanning to screen for lung cancer in smokers and the very latest developments in the management of carcinoma of the lung. This brief meeting report has links to short video clips of interviews with a number of our eminent speakers and a link to the resource page on the RSM website, which has a list of recommended reading for those interested to learn more about this important topic.

To watch the video interview of Sina Dorudi click here
To watch the video interview of Charles Imber click here

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