The transatlantic row has started!

Right now four men are rowing across an ocean for urology

Four men from Cornwall are currently taking on the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge to raise donations for The Urology Foundation and you can help.

Jon, Bez, Andy, and Alex are the Atlantic Seamen. They are four average men from Cornwall who are taking on a serious challenge. More people have attempted to climb Mount Everest than row the Atlantic Ocean, yet these four men are currently out there, in the middle of the Ocean, rowing to raise money for urology patients through The Urology Foundation.

Help them, and be in with a chance to win

To support the Atlantic Seamen, The Urology Foundation have set up The 100 Club. When you join The 100 Club you can purchase a £100 square (or squares) on a grid of 100 squares. On 31 January one square will be pulled out of a hat and the winner will receive 10% of the profits (up to £1000) and the rest will be donated to The Urology Foundation so that it can be invested into preventing, treating, and curing, urology diseases.

For your £100 donation, you are in with a chance to win £1000 and are guaranteed to support the Atlantic Seamen as they take on their epic challenge.

Following their journey online

The Atlantic Seamen are set to row for around six weeks. They will each have to alternate between sleeping for two hours and rowing for two hours for the entirety of their journey. As a result, they are expected to face problems with sleep deprivation and hallucinations. They will also be covered in salt sores and will have to row naked in order to avoid problems with chaffing. While their families are celebrating Christmas, they will be negotiating waves the size of two double decker buses.

You can follow their progress with the online tracker and the YB Races app. You can also keep up to date on their Instagram and through The Urology Foundation.

Show them your support

They are taking on the Atlantic Challenge to raise money for and awareness of urology diseases and so your support is so valuable to them. Share your support using #AtlanticSeamen, by joining The 100 Club, or by giving to the Just Giving page.

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  1. Ben Eddy Consultant Urologist

    For over 2 years Jon, Bez, Andy and Alex have been preparing for this event. 5am ergos, daily evening gym sessions, 36 and 48 hr practice rows all summer. They have invested in the boat themselves, sacrificed family time and put their jobs, salary and mortgages on hold while they endure one of the worlds toughest challenges. And they are doing all this for The Urology Foundation. 2 hours on, 2 hours off, 24 hours a day, rowing at around 2 knots to cover the 300miles in around 50 days.
    This week they left La Gomera in the Canaries with cheers from families and friends and will hope to arrive in Antigua having crossed the Atlantic by the end of January. This huge effort to raise awareness for Urological and Mens health should be supported. Please follow them on the Talisker Trans Alantic Challenge website or YB Races app. Please donate through the website or please join the !00 club through the Urology Foundation website. Please pass on to friends/families and patients, these boys should be rewarded with us all trying to raise as much as we can for them and The Urology Foundation. Thanks for all your support. ben

    December 16, 2018 Reply
  2. Russell Etherington Training manager

    Come on boys we are all rooting for you. Amazing challenge and the pictures look awesome.

    December 16, 2018 Reply
    • Antony Morgan Major Retired

      They must have finished by now!
      I have sponsored them, but I can’t get any news of how they got on!
      Please inform me and the amount of money raised.
      Antony Morgan

      February 11, 2019 Reply
  3. Ben Challacombe Urologist

    Atlantic Seamen, This is a truly staggering effort. It is quicker to get through a full course of radiotherapy than to attempt this.
    I see they are making great progress and are well up with the others in their class. In fact I check on them twice a day and will do until the end.
    I have done some fairly silly physical challenges but this is a totally different level- 2 hours on and 2 off for 50 days. In the time they are away we will have done Christmas shopping and parties, Christmas, NYE, all of dry January and they will still be going. The physical and psychological impact is immense- 5000 calories a day and they needed to see a counsellor to help with potential conflict resolution before they started.
    All to raise awareness and money for The Urology Foundation.
    please everyone buy a square on their 100 club to support them. Ben C

    December 16, 2018 Reply
  4. Louise de Winter Chief Executive, The Urology Foundation

    Like the 2 Bens, the TUF team is avidly following the Atlantic Seamen via the YB Races app which details their position, how far they’ve got to row and their estimated finishing date. They’ve now been rowing for 5 days and are probably wondering why on earth they agreed to do this, and they still have approx 45 days left to go. That’s over 1000 hours of rowing, with nothing to look at but the other bloke’s back or the wide grey yonder. We are in awe that they have elected to do this to raise funds for urology. For research, training and education to support urologists and urology nurses, and to ensure that patients can receive the best possible treatment and care. Do please follow their progress on the app, Twitter or Instagram, and better still, take part in the 100 Club to support their efforts – and you could be in line for a prize!

    December 17, 2018 Reply
  5. Russell Etherington Training manager

    You are doing an amazing job lads and raising fantastic awareness and funds. I am blown away by the effort you are putting in

    December 17, 2018 Reply
  6. Roger Kirby Professor of Urology

    I can’t believe that these amazing guys are acodiing this for TUF. We are so proud of you and all our thoughts are with you as you TUF it out! All good luck to the four of you.

    December 17, 2018 Reply
  7. Russell Etherington Training manager

    Keep your spirits high guys and ‘Keeeeep rowing’. Inspirational is an understatement and keeping track on you is becoming addictive

    December 21, 2018 Reply
  8. Michael Kirby Professor

    Just checked progress, looks great,
    Well done indeed, keep it going chaps, TUF needs you!!!!
    Speed: 2.0 knots @ 275.95°
    Owner: SS2
    Position at: 03 Jan 2019 16:00 UTC
    Lat/Lon: 19° 45.50 N, 038° 18.09 W
    DTF: 1344.8 NM
    11th in All Teams
    9th in Fours

    January 3, 2019 Reply
  9. Ben Eddy Consultant Urologist

    So after 43 days 4 hours and 8 minutes and 2703nm (or 3110 standard miles) the AtlanticSeamen have arrived safely in Antigua!! Finishing a highly respectable 11th overall. They were welcomed into English Harbour by family and friends and a chorus of superyahcht fog horns. Exhausted but elated they stepped onto dry land to a hero’s welcome having completed one of the worlds toughest challenges. On the whole the weather was favourable but they did face some severe lightening storms with accompanying 20ft waves. Having seen dolphins and towards the end swam with a pilot whale that accompanied them for a few hours no more than feet away from the boat, they have experienced both the best and worst that Atlantic nature has to offer. They had to deal with some big technical challenges having lost solar power which took five days to fix. If they lost all power they would have lost navigation, autopilot, communication and loss of the water maker.
    I think they are all glad they have done it but “never again” was the most common phrase used. For their extraordinary efforts we have raised almost £90,000 for the Urology Foundation. We would like to try and make the 100k mark, so please keep supporting and donating through the website or join the “100 club” through the Urology Foundation’s website. Please reward the efforts of these boys with a small donation to a worthwhile cause. All donations are greatly appreciated.
    And finally and once again a huge congratulations to Jon, Bez, Andy and Alex for completing this truly extraordinary challenge!

    February 1, 2019 Reply

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