My prostate cancer diagnosis

In this short video, Stephen Fry candidly discusses how an elevated PSA level during his annual health check set off a chain of further medical tests that resulted in his eventual diagnosis with prostate cancer.

After hearing the fateful words ‘I’m a little worried about your PSA levels’ from his GP, Stephen describes how an MRI scan and a biopsy confirmed the presence of prostate cancer. 

In the video Stephen remarks that, ‘considering I had a Gleason score of 9 out of 10 this was clearly a rather aggressive little bugger’. After consultation with his urologist Stephen then decided to undergo a laparoscopic and robotic radical prostatectomy. 

‘You think you’re going to recover really well but it takes longer than it might and its all pretty undignified and unfortunate’, commented Stephen on the healing process post-surgery. So far his follow-up PSA values suggest that the operation has been successful. 

“It’s an old cliche but cancer is not something you think is going to happen to you”, Stephen concludes. “I would urge any of you men at a certain age to get your PSA levels checked”.  

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